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The St. Louis Journalism Review, younger sibling of FOCUS/midwest, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and a move to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The publication marks the occasion at an event on Sept. 15, from 6-9 p.m., at the Edward Jones Building in Des Peres.  Russ Mitchell of CBS is emcee; Bob Woodward of The Washington Post joins via satellite. For information

The first volume of Jacqueline Dougan Jackson’s The Round Barn will be released this October by Beloit College Press. It’s an engaging, inspiring and amazingly detailed look at the rise and fall of a family-owned dairy farm in Wisconsin. Some of Jackson’s work has been featured by FOCUS/midwest. Look for ordering information and other details at

For four years, beginning in 1971, Barbara Olson kept a detailed journal of her family’s time in Ethiopia, telling stories of people whose lives would soon be upended by war, revolution, drought and famine. Excerpts were published by FOCUS/midwest; the book, Gondar, Ethiopia, is now available. To order a copy, go here:

Other items:

— Will Gardner, writing for Education Week, recently looked at private management of public schools, referencing Peter Downs’ study, published by FOCUS/midwest. Find Gardner’s “Are public schools supermarkets? at

— In These Times also has a recent update on the strike at Honeywell in Metropolis, Illinois, which FOCUS/midwest covered last year. Read their story at

— Free prototypes of the first four editions of FOCUS/midwest, published in 2010 and totaling 194 pages, are still available at Scribd and Issuu.

— Free copies of a special investigative report, “Fears and lobbying,” funded in part by a grant from the St. Louis Press Club, are also available at

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